International travel wishlist.

Having recently spent a month travelling the USA (the NON-backpacker way), me and my boyfriend, Joseph, have the bug for wanting to explore as much of the world as possible. We recently spent a few hours and sat down to compromise on our top ten international destinations which soon turned into the top twenty when we couldn't cross some off the list. We also created top ten cities in England and Europe lists to explore and to keep us busy while we are saving for the more long haul trips (Read them HERE and HERE)

We thought we'd share this bucket list on my blog to give people inspiration on where to go and even make their own travel bucket lists. I honestly believe the more people travel, the more open minded they become about everything.

We have tried to make the list as realistic as possible so hopefully when we have visited our dream destinations, I can share our top tips and an honest review from a NON-backpacker perspective.

1. Cape Town, South Africa - The variety of things to do, makes Cape Town top of our bucket list. This city is not only blessed with great weather, great people and beautiful scenery, there is also has a plethora of activities to keep you busy and cultured. You can animal watch on a safari to see the big five, whale watch or even relax with a huge waddle of penguins on a beach. If animals aren't your thing you can hike to the top of Table Mountain and if exercise isn't your thing then relaxing must be. The vineyards that serve up some of the worlds best Chardonnay's and Cabernet's are close by, to spend day/s and even nights at.

Penguins Cape Town

2. Singapore - Although I'm more of a history buff and I love exploring ancient cities, something draws me to the bright lights of Singapore. The small Island, often named the Garden City, looks like a group of eco-spaceships have landed in a tidy jungle full of exotic creatures. The modernity of Singapore doesn't take away from the rich pan-Asian culture and community. I've heard the food alone is worth visiting for and you don't have to leave the city to visit the gardens rich in wildlife.


3. New Orleans, USA – Unfortunately missed on our tour of America, it has always been a dream to visit New Orleans. Everything about the place attracts me. The food (Jambalaya & Beignets), the colonial architecture, ghost stories, civil war history, and of course jazz. New Orleans was the true birthplace of Jazz and the bars there, were once lucky enough to witness Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald and Bing Crosby. If I could time travel, the 1920’s in New Orleans would certainly be number one.

New Orleans

This list will be updated shortly.