What to Buy Your Girlfriend/Wife for Christmas 2016

I admit this is a little late, so this one is aimed at the desperate and helpless guys out there praying for help (most of the male population). What do you buy your girlfriend for Christmas?


If you want to buy lingerie, you're adventurous, I like you! But you MUST adhere to some guidelines.

1) It has to be boxed! Screwing it all up in a lacey ball and attempting to wrap it is tragic. Buy a simple flat box and fill it with black luxurious tissue paper (not shredded) fold the lingerie nicely in the sheets of paper and tie the box up with thick silky ribbon - trust me. 

2) Although you may like trashy crotch-less and barely there strings, I'd advise you to pick something a little more romantic and pretty. You can't go wrong with lace and satin in dusky pinks and nudes.

3) Make sure you check her underwear drawer (don't get caught!) for her size. Try to find something from the shop you plan to buy from, all shops come up in different sizes.

Recommendation: Mimi Holliday - Their lingerie is unique and luxurious and suits a lot of different shapes and tastes. BONUS: They beautifully gift wrap everything you order for free and you get 15% off your first order.


Bisou Bisou Zoo Set - Click To Website.

Bisou Bisou Zoo Set - Click To Website.



1) Don't buy Pandora. Don't do it. Don't be Tom, Dick or Harry. Please.

Recommendation: Alex Monroe - all the pieces are handmade in England and 'inspired by nature and British eccentricity. Prices are very varied so you can be as generous as you can afford.



1) If you know what she likes - get it. Don't try to buy something a little different for her, it's too easy to fail, her nose is so different from yours (and your mums). PS. The beauty counter assistant assuring you that the new £30 celebrity fragrance is a best seller perfume, lasts all day and smells like a Tom Ford - is lying! Promise.

2) If you don't know what she likes, that's fine too, get a set of miniatures. Pick a brand you know she likes - Chloe, Penhaligons, Moschino, Armani etc. This is a great way for her to trial perfumes and see what suits her. The miniature bottles are also adorable and look great on a dressing table.


Penhaligon's Mini Christmas Set For Her £41 - Click To Website.

Penhaligon's Mini Christmas Set For Her £41 - Click To Website.


This one is especially good if you have just moved in together. Every woman cares immensely about their home. How good it smells, looks, feels etc is important, and candles are an easy buy.

1) Avoid Yankee Candles, there is nothing pretty about them, and they aren't the luxurious gift a grown woman would expect. Try brands such as Jo Malone, Diptyque, Pecksniffs or Neom.

2) Identify her scent, look around the home, you're bound to find candles so find out what scents and ingredients make up the smell. Are they fruity? musky? festive? 

2) If for some insane reason you can't find any, or you're just a bad detective, just like that genius perfume tip - you can buy miniature sets and collections. 


Christmas Mini Candle Set £60 - Space NK - Click To Website

Christmas Mini Candle Set £60 - Space NK - Click To Website

Finally, my last tip would be to shop online - no queues, no screaming children, no tempting patisseries/pubs - most online stores also offer exclusive discounts and free gift wrapping, which lets face it, 99% of the time it's going to be better than your wrapping skills (no lacey balls remember?). You do get points for trying however!